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Frequently asked questions

'What is Secfone?'

Secfone is a VoIP based secure mobile communication solution for Android™, BlackBerry™ and iPhone devices

'Is communication interception a real threat?'

Interception of calls and entire conversations is a real threat due to advanced hacking techniques, cheap and easily accessible wiretapping equipment, and possible routine mobile communication surveillance by government agencies or other entities.

'How is my confidentiality protected with Secfone?'

You can communicate peer-to-peer between Secfones therefore there is no central medium in-between that can be attacked. Connection setup and the actual conversation are fully secure due to the patented key handling and authentication process MVCN™ used in our phones. Secfone Platinum uses 2048-bit RSA for server and peer authentication while communication is encrypted with 448-bit Blowfish CBC.

'What is MVCN™?'

MVCN™ is our patented solution for authentication and securing the communication channel. This network communication protocol is the core of our secure mobile communication solution Secfone.

'How can I place an order?'

Please ask for a quotation by filling out the order form. A Secfone sales representative will contact you shortly to give you the price and answer any further questions you may have regarding our solution.

'What is included in the price of Secfone Platinum?'

Secfone Platinum includes 5, 10 or 100 mobile phones according to the client’s requirements as well as an MVCN server responsible for handling the authentication process between the devices and creating a secure communication channel.

'What is included in the price of Secfone for Android/BlackBerry?'

The price of Secfone for Android/BlackBerry includes a mobile phone containing a hardware TPM chip storing the encryption keys and the Secfone application installed on your device.

'How do I receive my Secfone product?'

Your Secfone device is delivered to you directly by courier service.

'I would like to be a distributor of Secfone. What should I do?'

Please visit the Partners section on our website and fill in the qualification questionnaire. We will contact you shortly to discuss our cooperation.