Our mission

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As a crypto company, we know that information and communication wants and strives to be free. The speech of the 21st century wants to be free: private, personal and professional notwithstanding. In this age of infinite information, everyone has the right to the freedom of expressing ourselves without a fear of retort, rebuttal or repression. The freedom to own and stand by our thoughts, innovations and creations as well as our creative self. The freedom to own secret and confidential information without leaks in privacy and the freedom of reveling in the progress and advancement of what that knowledge brings.

Information is the foremost currency of the modern world – but how we share or communicate those ideas and how quickly we do that is its bank notes and bars of gold. We built the Navayo Group to speed up decisions and the sharing of ideas to create the building blocks for the most successful and secure operations, companies and governments – shielding them from prying eyes.

The root of all security breaches is the human factor – and whereas software-based encryption in itself is not enough for protection, hardware-based solutions became the industry-standard for keeping your data where you want it, how you want it. The Navayo Group launched their patented hardware encryption technology with its flagship products Secfone and Secbox to provide your organization with a peace of mind and a proven track record of granite strong security.