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Our holistic solution is based on our MVCN™ Core and its hardware based strong data encryption. Our MVCN 2.0 core is under evaluation by the German BSI therefore each MVCN™-enabled device will provide Common Criteria- evaluated security (CC EAL4+).

MVCN™ allows devices to communicate directly with each other using the server only for authentication. This setup enables peer-to-peer communication between the parties leaving no single point of attack in the data stream – like a server planted in the center of communication. Authentication is the key feature of MVCN™. Before actual communication starts the devices are first authenticated by the MVCN™ server, then an automatized peer-to-peer authentication takes place. After a successful authentication process the end-to-end communication may start between the devices. MVCN™ uses two types of encoding, RSA for the authentication and Blowfish to encrypt the data stream between the communicating parties. For increased security of the connection periodic symmetric key change is implemented during the course of communication. The reason behind using different encryption algorithms is to keep authentication as secure as possible while maintaining a balance between security and speed in case of actual communication.

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- Authentication: RSA 2048 bit
- Data-stream: Blowfish (or Twofish, or a custom Client algorythm)

Operating System:
- Secfone: Android, hardened Android a.k.a. Secfone Platinum, BlackBerry OS10 and iPhone (Bluetooth dongle equipped with a smartcard)
- Secbox: OS independent (Mac, Linux, Windows), biometrically secured

3rd party symmetric algorithm implementation

Root of trust