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The Navayo Secbox is an ideal solution for those on the road who require high bandwidth for their secure connection but it is fast enough to serve offices and small sites. This small, lightweight, easy-to-use device can be easily carried and connected to any PC, Mac, notebook, desktop or even server computers. It secures data transmission with the highest levels of encryption and modern cryptographic algorithms. The Secbox is protected against unauthorized usage by state-of-the-art biometric authentication. By connecting a 3G modem to the USB port of the device, you are not even restricted to wired connections. Or, by connecting a USB storage device, you can share your data securely over the Internet. Stay or go, office or on the road, wired or mobile, the Secbox protects your data.

MVCN endpoint device

Built for scalable, user friendly network management under extreme security environments

Broadband LAN/WAN ports

Easily connect to any part of the network for instant security benefits


Easily connect to any part of the network for instant security benefits

Biometric user authentication

Users can be identified using their fingerprint to block outsiders’ access to the device

Diagnostic LCD display

A 132x64-pixel LCD display informs the user of status, activity and error information

Operation system independent

Works with any platform (MAC, Linux, Windows)